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Public transport options in Queanbeyan, New South Wales (Australia)

Getting to the New South Wales city of Queanbeyan is super easy. Most tourists make their way to Queanbeyan from Canberra. It’s just a 15 minutes drive you can make in your own car, by taxi or by bus. The latter is very convenient, by the way, with fare between $2 and $7. The question […]

Selling your house to fund your travels

Have you ever thought about selling your house to travel the world? Well, if you own a house but love to travel the world, the biggest decision you may have to make is selling your home to fund your travels. The thought of this alone is ridiculous considering that homeownership is mostly viewed as a […]

5 reasons sailing is the best way to travel right now

Needless to say, 2020 was the year of postponed itineraries. With the rules of public safety rendering travel essentially inconvenient (if even possible at all), bummed out globe-trotters around the world were left with little choice but to find fun elsewhere. And that’s when more resourceful travelers turned to a more creative work-around to travel—sailing. […]

5 ways to earn money while travelling

Travelling can be an expensive business and it’s not always feasible to have all the money to fund your trip in the bank in advance. However, for most people, the option of paying for travelling on a credit card, or taking out a loan, and then coming back to huge debts running up scary amounts […]

Top 5 reasons why you need a migration agent

At one point in our lives, we think about moving to a different country or even continent for a fresh start or even because of work-related travel. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved with migrating from one country to another, some of which can escape you without the proper guidance. When arranging for your […]


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