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10 eco-friendly activities and things to do while travelling

Travelling can be an enriching and humbling process. By visiting and interacting with other cultures, we can learn about ourselves and our place on the planet. However, as conversations around climate change and the impact of travel intensifies, we may wonder about sustainability and travel. For those of us who want to be climate-conscious, this […]

6 Reasons it’s important to go on family vacations

The expense and stress of packing might be the first things that come to mind when you think of family vacations. However, we suggest that you let go of those negative thoughts. For one, you can always save up for a family vacation. Second, proper planning ensures that your travel documents and luggage are packed […]

Destination Weddings: Top Tips And Locations For 2021

There’s no doubt that destination weddings are increasing in popularity right now. More and more couples are opting for smaller, intimate weddings, scenic settings, and when you throw in a honeymoon destination as well, what’s not to love? Destination weddings are more about the “experience” instead of stressing over millions of tiny details. So, if […]


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