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UK destinations for an autumn staycation

While this summer may have seen less than 10% of us travel abroad, many of us have cancelled our holiday plans completely and are in dire need of a break. And with winter just around the corner, there’s nothing cosier than an autumn staycation. From countryside walks followed by traditional pub grub to sightseeing and […]

10 common immigration application mistakes you should avoid

Immigration applications take a while to complete. The urgency of the application can affect applicants, making them prone to committing several mistakes. You can learn to avoid these mistakes with a little guidance. These mistakes can delay and even derail your application. It’s advisable to be cautious and patient when filling forms. Filling the wrong […]

4 romantic getaway ideas to break the COVID blues

This pandemic season is hard not only on our physical and financial needs but also on our social and mental health. The continuous and unparalleled stress it gives us is indeed damaging to our lives. Those that we call COVID Blues experienced by many of us; yes, you are not alone in this situation. We […]

5 unique holiday ideas with a difference

We all love the annual holiday, when we can relax and recharge our batteries, and while 2020 was not a good year for travelling, if you are looking to plan your holiday for the coming year, here are some great ideas. 1. Australian Cruise – There are many exotic destinations for cruise liners that leave […]

How to check for bed bugs in hotels

Are you planning to check in a hotel room for a vacation? If yes, you need to beware of the bed bugs. Hotels serve as the most favorable platforms for bed bugs and small insects. Even if the temperature is high, bed bugs will comfortably adjust in the bedsheets and cozy pillows. If you don’t […]


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