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Do the value of travel points and miles ever change?

When you’re looking for ways to save money on your travel expeditions, one of the things you’re naturally going to look toward is travel points and miles. Whether you’re collecting frequent flier miles, gathering hotel rewards points, or using a completely different travel program altogether, these points and miles can be a crucial element of […]

Best Things to see and do in Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo León, is a vast economic and industrial hub surrounded by mountains in northern Mexico. The Palacio del Obispado, a historic Baroque palace with a regional museum, looks down on it. The Macroplaza, a large green area of linked squares in the city’s heart, is home to the stunning Museo de […]

Why we choose to travel?

There are those who just can’t help but travel. For some, discovering new places, always finding new destinations, trying new foods, meeting other people is an urgent need. This need to explore would depend on a gene, the so-called ” travel gene “, the DRD4 7r. So, it would be nothing more than a question of DNA. This gene is by […]

How to fall asleep on a plane: 8 easy-to-follow tips for everyone

Lots of people feel sick while flying. They cannot even watch their favorite movies, play, or read a book. And if you are one of them, sleeping is the greatest solution for you. And these 8 tips will help you fall asleep easily. Night Is the Best Time to Fly At night, our body […]

How to Decorate Drawing Room with Most Visited Places of 2021

Most people spent last year miserably as you all were locked in your homes. But after getting vaccinated, traveling is on the top of the mind of people who have a wanderlust soul. Suddenly, you all feel that the whole world is in reach again. While traveling, try to purchase souvenirs to keep your precious […]


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