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Discover the magical city of Fes

Holidays bring us the perfect opportunity to get away from our daily routines and embark on new adventures. However, over the last decades, the tourism industry has been focusing mostly on beach tourism. But if you want to spread your horizons and experience new cultures in a truly magical place, we recommend you give the […]

3 tips for visiting casinos on your Vegas trip

The bright lights and appeal of Las Vegas draw in large crowds from all over the world, and each year it tops the list of the most popular holiday destinations. You don’t need to be a casino expert to visit Vegas, but it helps to have an understanding of how they work and the etiquette […]

10 travel tips to keep yourself safe while on the road

Introduction I don’t know about you, but I find myself bored with my cookie-cutter daily routine. Get up, shower, go to work, come home, cook, sleep, and repeat—it’s a routine I like to break out of from time to time. Traveling lets you do just that. Finding the time to travel or setting aside the […]

Best Travel Cameras 2020

As we travel the world we want to make sure that capture every moment, as such we need a great camera and great phone to play best casino games. And as good as phone cameras are, there are times when we need the real-life camera that was created for the job. That is why we […]

How to obtain a visa to Bahrain online

Bahrain, like any other country in the Middle East, has plenty of travel options. You may have heard about Bahrain in the news, as it has got the most strategically important ports. Bahrain’s trade relations are a contemporary attraction for many South Asians and Africans. Yet, those who seek life in the corners of this […]


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